"Winning at Social" Newsletter: My Favorite Articles

As usual, there was no shortage of great articles on social media, customer service, and customer experience during the past two weeks. It does seem that this topic is in the news more often these days, so more publications are writing about it. This results in good fodder for social media discussion! And as usual, I am here to curate these articles so you don’t have to!
If you enjoy this newsletter, please consider sharing it on your social channels so others can discover it as well! And now, without further ado, let’s get to the top articles:
A.I. and Customer Service – Does It Work? | David Laud on LinkedIn Pulse
Why Do Unhappy Customers Leave Negative Reviews? | Isabella Andersen on Social Media Today
Alexa, Stop Hijacking My Customer Relationships! | Eric Bisceglia on AdvertisingAge
Complimentary Should Mean Free | Shep Hyken on ShepHyken.com

Did I miss any of your favorites? If so, let me know by ! Thanks for reading and have a great week!
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