Where Did All The Blog Posts Go?

If you’re wondering why it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog, it’s because I’ve moved most of my blog content over to Forbes. Why? Because Forbes is one of the most respected news and opinion sites on the web and one of the top most relevant domains in Google search results. So it stands to reason that more people will see (and share) my content from there without me having to pay to drive page views.
What about that whole “rented land” theory, that says you’re better off owning your own content on your own website versus letting some third-party site reap the benefits of SEO ranking and advertising revenue off your content? I think the argument might hold water for solopreneurs whose entire career revolves around marketing their personal brand. But that’s not me, at least not now.
Because I work full-time, I have precious few hours to write and post blogs, record a podcast, deliver keynote speeches at events, and maybe write another book. So I’ve decided to let the power of the Forbes brand promote my content for me instead. Plus, I still get to be that guy who writes about “how customer experience can be your best marketing.”
You can always bookmark this page to follow my Forbes posts (or subscribe to the RSS feed), but I’ll also try to get better at posting summaries and links to my Forbes articles here on Winning At Social. So without further ado, here are six of my favorite recent posts:
New Research Shows Website Navigation May Be Losing You Customers (A Forbes Editor’s Pick!) The folks at Tank Design shared with me some fascinating new research on why website navigation labels are so important. Many companies, especially in the B2B space, use the exact same labels – Services, Solutions, Resources, etc. Tank’s study found that users have no idea where to find specific content when the navigation is that vague.
3 Ways That Universal Studios May Have Cracked The Code On Waiting Let’s face it: Waiting in line sucks. But would you pay more to not wait in line? Universal Studios has introduced two programs that allow you to do just that – one in the parking lot, and one for the amusement park rides and shows. But they also do something cool to make waiting in line… fun!
How To Handle Trolls In Social Media Trolls are nasty creatures and often are the bane of a social media manager’s existence. Inspired by passages from my book, Winning at Social Customer Care, this post looks at ways to delicately deal with people who aren’t just there to complain, but to annoy and instigate.
Why Loyalty Must Go Both Ways With Your Best Customers This remarkable story was brought to me by an old friend who had spent 34 years as a season-ticket holder to a professional basketball team. When he decided to give up his season ticket package, there was almost no effort to retain him or even show him some appreciation for spending what had to be nearly $100,000 on the team during those years.
4 Simple Ways To Respond To A Happy Customer On Social Media Another post inspired by Winning at Social Customer Care, this one looks at an important group of people who are often overlooked by customer service teams – your biggest fans! When people take the time to compliment your brand on social media, the least you can do is acknowledge them and show some love back.
If You’re Reading This Sign, Customer Experience Is Happening I absolutely love taking pictures of signs. They are fantastic additions to my keynote speeches on customer experience. The things that some businesses will say to their customers are just mind-boggling. Sometimes that’s a good thing; other times, not so much. Here I share some of my favorites.