Experience This!

Always upbeat and definitely entertaining, hosts Dan Gingiss and Joey Coleman provide a weekly dose of positive customer experience.

This show will help you attract and keep more customers so you can grow your business, increase your profits and have more fun in the process. Enjoy quick-hit segments filled with deep learning and clear takeaways that you can use in your business starting tomorrow. Don’t miss out!

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Focus On Customer Service Podcast

Originally the channel of last resort – when other service channels failed – social media has become the channel of first resort for many customers, requiring companies to be as prepared on social as they are in other areas of the call center. While Focus on Customer Service (FOCS) is no longer producing new episodes, it was the first podcast dedicated exclusively to social media customer service and the companies that are doing it best. 

Hosted by social care practitioners Dan Gingiss and Dan Moriarty, FOCS featured interviews with leaders from dozens of top brands that offered amazing customer service via social media. Companies were carefully selected and then best practices and key takeaways shared so you could (and still can!) emulate them in your own business.

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