A Remarkable Customer Experience Is Your Best Marketing

Dan Gingiss is a keynote speaker and experience coach with more than 20 years of professional experience at companies like McDonald’s, Discover, and Humana. He helps companies create customer experiences that customers can’t wait to talk about with their friends and social media followers. Watch his speaker reel below to find out why clients name him one of the best CX speakers!

Note: Due to the cancellation of live events because of the COVID-19 outbreak, Dan is available for virtual keynotes, webinars, experience coaching and team training. Please Contact Dan for availability and options.

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About Dan Gingiss

Dan’s 20-year career has consistently focused on delighting customers, spanning multiple disciplines including customer experience, marketing, social media and customer service. He is an international keynote speaker who believes that a remarkable customer experience can be your best marketing.

Dan doesn’t just talk about customer experience; his fast-paced, energetic presentation style creates an experience for the audience that they will surely remember.

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Whether it’s a sold-out room of 1,000+ people at INBOUND or an invitation-only mastermind group with a handful of top clients, Dan always brings a unique energy and delivery style that both educates and entertains. He doesn’t just talk about creating remarkable experiences; he actually does it on stage with fun, memorable stories. See why he’s one of the best CX speakers out there!

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Top Media Outlets Look To Dan For Insight

Dan is a sought-after commentator on all things marketing, social media, customer experience and customer service. His Fortune 300 professional experience and independent client work have equipped him with the knowledge and insights to educate others in the field.

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What Marketers Must Know About CX

For years, marketers did not really have to pay attention to Customer Experience (CX). After all, their core function was to improve brand awareness and acquire new customers. But today, marketers must set the stage for the future experience that a customer will have when doing business with the company.

The marketer of today must be educated in customer experience in order to attract ⁠— and keep ⁠— more loyal customers.

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Winning at Social Customer Care

How Top Brands Create Engaging Experiences on Social Media

Social media has changed customer experience forever by shifting power from brands to consumers, requiring a different way of thinking about engagement.

Get a glimpse at how top brands are “winning” at customer service in social media, and learn the tools for you to do the same at your company.